Never got a skateboard as good as your favorite from the last millennium? Then Jaseboards Kick 38 is one of the best longboard brands recommended for you. Coming in at the sweet length of 38 inches and a width of 8.5 inches, this is the perfect build for a longboard that can actually be used for doing some of those tricks you have been longing to do for such a long time.1

As the name itself tells you about the length of the Jaseboards Kick 38, you should also know about some other things. Jaseboards are a longboard specializing shop based in Hawaii and have built a reputation for being the Macs of the longboards.

The brand has had numerous satisfied customers over the years and other products from their stable include the Surge, Grom and Moko among many others. Jaseboards are known for their unmatched strength, flexibility and reliability whether they are used or abused. The Kick is considered a steal at the price of $219.

Benefits & Advantages of this board

  • Value for Money: There aren’t as many boards that sell at around $220 and are considered value for money. The Jaseboards Kick 38 is certainly one of these rare longboards. Considering the features and specifications that it carries with it, the Kick is definitely worth every penny spent on it.

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Hanging heels at malibu? Pulling in at backdoor? or both. I’ Last November, during a Hawaiian Triple Crown event at Haliewa, Bonga Perkins engineered a decimation of the notorious, shifty walls of A’lii Beach Park. On his way to a championship victory, the stocky Hawaiian put on a jaw-dropping display as he buried powerful, full-rail bottom turns, carved full-speed hook turns under the lip and fearlessly floated over thick, folding sections that resembled concrete slabs.

Perkins rode a longboard. But was he longboarding?


With the modern longboard era now into its third decade, a contentious debate that’s been percolating for just as long brims over in sandy parking lots from Leucadia to Lennox Head to Laniakea.

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