Camping is one of those outdoor activities which we love to do with our family and close friends. Camping is believed to create strong attachment between the members of family. This activity is the best way to escape the stress from our busy life. There will have a lot of time for relaxation entertainment and entertainment activities while camping. All of you always want to have lots of fun to do or do something crazy during camping, right? It will be a good time for you to do hobbies or try new activities which you loved to do.


Here are fun things you should do when camping such as sports, games, water activities and some ideas for nighttime.


There are lots of sports and physical activities that you must do while camping. Pick one of some following sports that fit to you and have some fun.

– Soccer

– Kickball

– Biking

– Hiking

– Corn hole

– Horseshoes

– Tree climbing

– Lawn bowling

– Go fishing


Camping is the best time to play games together. You don’t be annoyed by TV or computer anad it’s the time to connect everyone together.

– Card games wil be perfect choice for camping.  These card games are suitable for camping such as Five Crowns, Old Maid, Poker, Uno, Phase 10, Quiddler… Create warm family memories with these wonderful games to play.

– Remember to bring papers and pencils to play Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe or Dots

– If you don’t bring anything, you can play I spy and Charades games or Rock – Paper – Scissors.

-Playing “Truth or Dare” is a fun-filled and interesting activity. These kinds of games while camping will make every camper to involve and mingle with other campers.


Exploring nature around you is must – have activity while you are on camping. Any campsite will have many places to explore. Get out of your cozy tent and discover the wild world around you. You can go with you family or your friends to find a stream nearby, go for leaf collecting, bug collecting, bird watching, animal watching, play scarvenger hunt, or search for wild berries, nuts, and other edible plants,…

Besides that, you can let yourself enjoy the nature by lying in the green. Take a nap or lie under the tree, get fresh air, watch the leaf blowing in the wind, read the book you love are so amazing.


Standing around the campfire is one of the most memorable camping experiences. We gather some wood and light a fire, how big that fire should be is depend on number of campers. These are some activities to do around the firelight:

– Tell ghost stories

– Sing campfire songs

– Dance around the fire

– Play a guitar, harmonica, or another instrument

– Reenact your favourite story


Nighttime is the perfect time to play games with friends. Playing these game at night, you’ll feel very interesting because the darkness will make them much more thrilling

– Go for a walk around the campsite

– Go for a midnight swim

– Play hide and seek

– Count the stars under night sky


If you love cooking, you can have a lot of fun with outdoor cooking experience. Collecting wood around the campfire and cooking food is one of the amazing experiences anyone can have while camping. You can try your hand in it and get lots of appreciation from the special dish you cook for your friends. Moreover, this is chance for you to try cooking new dishes.

Now that all activties you should know when camping. Refer to this list if you are looking for some new things to do while camping. Just remember to be safe and have fun.

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