Outdoor recreation is enjoyable for men, women and children of all ages. Outdoor exercise provides a way to relax and enjoy your natural surroundings. Beside breathing fresh air and discovering nature, this helps reduce stress from work and daily routine and connects every member in family. The benefits of outdoor recreation will help keep you and your family physically and mentally healthy. Here is a summary of some of the benefits you can achieve when joining in outdoor activities.


Good for the mind

Outdoor recreation helps psychological benefits, including the reduction of stress, build the self – esteem, the confidence and creativity, and increase sense of exhilaration. Participating in recreation provides us with an opportunity to meet and build relationships with the others who have the same passion for outdoor recreation. This forms a positive impact on your life.

Good for the body

Outdoor recreation provides a multitude of beneficial physical activities for your health such as

– Keeping your body fit

– Controlling weight and preventing obesity

– Controlling blood pressure and decreasing risk of heart attack: Those people play physical activities such as jogging, playing basketball or football – in three or more hours a week reduced the risk of myocardial infarction by 22%.

– Lengthening life span: Don’t you know every hour you spend exercising increases your life expectancy by two hours.

– Strengthening resistance: Those exercise aerobic several times a week, the risk of flu and colds less three times than those exercise once a week. Besides that, outdoor activity helps increase vitamin D levels that could prevent chronic diseases.

– Reducing stress

– Strengthening muscles and bones,…

Good for the emotion

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Both physical and outdoor activity help reduce stress and prevent some cases of depression. People with high stress are more at risk for colds, lower immune systems, heart attacks, migraine headaches, arthritis, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance and cancer.  Therefore, spending time exercising and breathing fresh air in a natural also help many people feel relaxed and increase positive mood.

Intellectual benefit

Studies showed that people exercise regularly have many experiences, deeper, more restful sleep. Better sleep will create more energy and staying awake the following day, getting better concentration and ability to think on higher levels. Along with healthy body, regular physical activity will help you feel good all day.

More productive at work

Working better starts from living better and your lifestyle from outdoor activities, you will feel like a million dollars at work. With physical alertness and emotional balance, you can easily focus on the right tasks without annoying by silly thoughts due to stress, depression or anxiety.

People who regularly participate in outdoor recreation tend to be more productive at work, which leads to economic growth.

The truth is outdoor activities outdoor activities bring so many benefits for your physical and mental. The benefits are so great that you should get outdoors virtually every day – even if it is the winter and the temperatures are low. Now let’s take part in outdoor recreation to relax, enjoy time with family and friends and experience the natural world.

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