Jaseboards Kick 38 – Best Longboard Brands for you

Never got a skateboard as good as your favorite from the last millennium? Then Jaseboards Kick 38 is one of the best longboard brands recommended for you. Coming in at the sweet length of 38 inches and a width of 8.5 inches, this is the perfect build for a longboard that can actually be used for doing some of those tricks you have been longing to do for such a long time.1

As the name itself tells you about the length of the Jaseboards Kick 38, you should also know about some other things. Jaseboards are a longboard specializing shop based in Hawaii and have built a reputation for being the Macs of the longboards.

The brand has had numerous satisfied customers over the years and other products from their stable include the Surge, Grom and Moko among many others. Jaseboards are known for their unmatched strength, flexibility and reliability whether they are used or abused. The Kick is considered a steal at the price of $219.

Benefits & Advantages of this board

  • Value for Money: There aren’t as many boards that sell at around $220 and are considered value for money. The Jaseboards Kick 38 is certainly one of these rare longboards. Considering the features and specifications that it carries with it, the Kick is definitely worth every penny spent on it.

  • Durability: One thing that all Jaseboards customers can vouch for is the durability and longevity of the longboards they make. The Jaseboards Kick 38 is the confirmation to this rule. Whether you use it to bomb a hill or simply cruise in the city, it is going to last a number of seasons, no matter how harsh.
  • Strength: For $220 people expect a strong and great longboard. The Jaseboards Kick 38 is just that. It is made in a sandwich configuration of 2 plies of bamboo over 3 of maple. This configuration of the ply gives it a great strength while also providing some much needed flex and durability.
  • Design & Ergonomics: The Jaseboards Kick 38 is made of a 38” long deck that has 27.5” of wheelbase. There is enough room to comfortably cruise or carve without aching your heels.
  • Looks & Styling: The silicon Carbide grip is functional as well as cosmetic. It has a texture of bamboo on the outside because bamboo is the outer material in the deck. It’s smart as it is but one could easily customize.
  • High Built Quality: Many of the people who have bought this longboard have seen Jase of Jaseboards at work. Hours of hard work go into perfecting every board and the result is a meticulous longboard that can’t come short in any comparison to a rival.
  • Great Longboard experience: What do all the great things that go into making a Jaseboards Kick 38 result in? A great longboard that is easy for a beginner and exciting for a professional. The long tale makes it very easy to maneuver while the overall design makes it ideal for cruising, carving and going down a hill. It can do it all, no sweat!

Special Features 

  • The Jaseboards Kick 38 uses Virgin aluminum for its Castle trucks that undergoes heat treatment in order to be worthy of the Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard.
  • The Kick uses carbon steel axles (180mm) that give it proper width and maneuvering.
  • The Jaseboards Kick 38 uses Puka bearings (Swiss) and are rated 9 on ABEC. Though not the only parameter of value, it is the best rating of basic bearing performance. A novelty at the price of the Kick.
  • True to longboard basics, the Trucks are a 45° inverted kingpin configuration. Hence better control and less wobbles.
  • The deck is in a concave shape, allow for a better footing and enhanced control while cruising, carving or bombing through a hill.
  • Despite being 5 layers thick, the deck is 0.5 inches from top to bottom. The advanced technology used in making it allows it to be light, portable and maneuverable.
  • The Jaseboards Kick 38 weigh a bit above 9 pounds and is one of the lighter boards out there.
  • The mixed use of Bamboo and maple allows the board to be well balanced between strength and Flexibility.
  • The wheels are Puka branded 71mm X 52mm with ceramic bearings as an added advantage.

Pros & Cons


  • Maneuverability: thanks to the complete package of thin deck, inverted kingpin trucks, ceramic bearings the time it takes to turn is very less.
  • The built quality is one of the highlights of the Jaseboards Kick 38. It doesn’t make you feel the urge to replace parts like wheels or bearings with expensive aftermarket equipment. Hence saving you some money. Proving again that it is a wise investment.
  • The durability: you can carve, cruise and take on the hills with this board whether its sunny, raining or icy. The material used is weather-proofed to ensure long life-span for the longboard.
  • For cruising around town, it is one of the best longboards. You will not feel the cracks on your way with its big wheels. It is also great to learn and its durability means it will last for a considerable amount of time for you to even go from a beginner to a pro.


  • Some people might be left wanting a bit more grip given the soft nature of the wheels. The wheels are 78a on the durometer.
  • The board may be ideal for beginners and those who want to have fun skating. But it just falls short of being perfect for a professional on account of its low price. However, it still remains a great bang for the buck.
  • Apart from these, there really aren’t any shortcoming in the Jaseboards Kick 38.

How to use this product

  • All the safety gear, including the helmet, the Slide gloves and knee pads, elbow pads are available from Jaseboards as a package and are a must have along with this board.2
  • Use it to go down a hill by tightening the bushings a bit for making it steady.
  • Replace the original tires with harder ones if you want less of the grip and more of the zoom.

Maintenance, Warranty Status & Cleaning

  • Jaseboards provide all Warranty through their store and can also be contacted through their website.
  • Maintenance of this board is a rare occasion due to its quality but periodic check-ups of bolts would be a nice beginning.
  • Cleaning can be done easily with a wet cloth.


  • Is this the best longboard at its price?

If it suits your purpose, without a doubt the answer is a resounding yes.

  • Is it a durable longboard?

Definitely. With proper care or perhaps even without it, it will last a long time. There are accounts of customer who run over it with a car accidently and it was not broken.

  • What can I do with this board?

Take it your local skate park. Cruise on the side alley/pathways. Carve on the roads or go downhill with it. All it needs is a little tweaking and you’re ready for anything. With its long tail, you can pull of some stunts too.


Longboards like the Jaseboards Kick 38 are available few and far between manufacturers. This one is certainly a perfect longboard for the price it is available at. It even has goodies in the form of ceramic bearings and bamboo enforced weather guard. Go for it!. if you want to know more, you can click here

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